CW FSK PTT AUDIO interface for any transceiver

CW FSK PTT AUDIO interface for any transceiver

RTS - for PTT

DTR - for CW

DSR - for software Foot Switch

Interface characteristics: built-in excellent isolation circuit; connecting PC only needs one miniUSB cable, connecting radio only needs one composite cable.

The board size - 90*50 mm

Interactive BOM

USB driver

Exactly as described. Connected my FT-767GX (27 years old) to a 2007 laptop running LINUX and fired up WSJT-X and immediate success. Had to reduce the power output setting on WSJT-X to put out about 20Watts. Contacts immediately on 40, 30 and 20m. This is a wonderful piece of electronics which achieves as much as interfaces ten times the cost! No issues connecting to the software or the rig. Thanks very much Anton
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