WellGood Loop Active HF Antenna 1-30MHz

WellGood Loop Active HF Antenna 1-30MHz

WellGood Loop HF antenna project by G8OCV & M1GEO
will work for receiving shortwave HF/SSB/AM radios

The loop on the original antenna was made using RG58, with the outer screen used as the loop, and the inner conductor not connected. This was then supported in a plastic pipe. Others have reported that their loops were made with a clip together metal ring. The diameter should be around 1 metre, and thus around 3.14 metres of material is needed to create the loop circumference. Ideally, you want for the loop conductor to have a largish diameter. A tube or coax screen will outperform a small piece of wire.

BNC connector for RF
Dimension (cased) - 82*54*28 mm
Power supply - 12V (>200mA)

PCB dimension - 60*45 mm


Full information - https://www.george-smart.co.uk/projects/wellgood_loop/

Interactive BOM - http://ra0sms-shop.ru/wellgood_pcb.html

I thought I'd write to thank you for the Wellgood Loop amplifier I bought from you. It is a superb performer at my noisy QTH. All of the background noise I normally see with my other antennas is greatly attenuated. Perfect for reception in noisy urban places like mine. It is especially good in the really noisy places from DC-20Mhz. I also have one of your miniwhips but it is nowhere close to the Wellgood lop in terms of performance.
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